30. Juli 2020
Decks keep selling out so we restocked some popular graphics again :) Head over to the SHOP and grab a fresh deck. We restocked: Red Lifeline, Splatter 3.0, Giger Skeleton, Infoodity War 2.0, Space Lifeline 3.0, Ambs World, Tie Dye 3.0 & some more AmGrip.
30. Juni 2020
The last Revive Release sold fast! Maybe a little bit too fast ;) So we restocked some of your fav. designs of the Summer 2020 release and even some more graphics like the classic Red Lifeline, the Tie Dye 3.0 or the Splatter 3.0 Orders are already open for all of the restocked decks that will arrive in the next few days. So better be quick and get your deck before they are sold out again. CLICK HERE TO SHOP REVIVE DECKS List of all restocked decks: Red Lifeline Deck in several sizes Infoodity...
19. Juni 2020
We have some GREAT GOOD NEWS for everyone! You will receive a FREE SHEET OF GRIPTAPE (black standard) with every deck purchase from know on! It does not matter if you get a Revive, 3Block, Vamos or Drip Deck. Every deck will now come with free griptape. - VMS Distribution Europe
29. Mai 2020
FINALLY! The Revive Skateboards & Force Wheels summer 2020 lines are available online and ready for your orders :) Please keep in mind that you can currently only place pre-orders. The stuff will be shipped early (worst case: mid) June! The new releases are awesome as always and will go fast. So better be quick ;) Enjoy the pictures below or check out Andys video. Head over to the REVIVE and FORCE sections.
21. Mai 2020
REVIVE / FORCE / 3BLOCK SALE + Revive/Force Summer 2020 Updapte! Hey guys! We have a SALE going on with some great gear from Revive Skateboards, Force Wheels & 3Block SB. You can also save some money on Silver Trucks and clothing. Head over to the SALE section and scroll through the list. REVIVE / FORCE Summer 2020 Updapte The new Revive and Force lines will arrive soon. Normally we would already have them in stock but this time it will take a little bit longer because of the current...
29. April 2020
GOOD NEWS! We just restocked the Skater Trainer 2.0 in red, black & green. Head over to the SKATER TRAINER SECTION and grab a set to learn some new tricks :) VMS DISTRIBUTION FACEBOOK VMS DISTRIBUTION INSTAGRAM
24. April 2020
Vamos Skateboards just released their new "Invasion" deck! The design is a collab with Julian Hennemann and you can now head over to the VAMOS section and grab one of these freshies! Every Vamos deck always comes with a free sheet of standard griptape. The deck is available in: 7.75 - 8.00 - 8.125 - 8.25 - 8.375 & 8.50" Enjoy :) FOLLOW VAMOS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Instagram: www.instagram.com/vamosskateboards Facebook: www.facebook.com/vamosskateboards
21. April 2020
FINALLY! The new Empire Wheels will hit the shop this Thursday (23.04.2020) !!! The Empire "Crown" wheels are almost completely sold out so it's time for some fresh new wheels for you guys to shred :) Make sure to come back on Thursday and get some of the new "Classics" in white/blue. They will be available in 50-54mm They will basically drop on midnight (from wednesday to thursday). Also follow us and Empire on instagram and Facebook to stay tuned :) EMPIRE INSTA / EMPIRE FB VMS INSTA / VMS FB
28. März 2020
The Force Wheels spring 2020 drop is available now. We have some great TieDye graphic wheels for you guys along with the new Pebbles Suck 2020 models! SHOP NEW FORCE WHEELS HERE! REVIVE & AMGRIP RESTOCK: We also restocked all of the already sold out Revive Spring 2020 decks and and all AmGrips! Back in stock is: Giger Pro Tie Dye, Des Autels Pro Tie Dye, Hill Pro Tie Dye, Splatter 3.0 and some more classic Red Lifeline's. SHOP REVIVE DECKS HERE!
19. März 2020
Our team is healthy and our online store is still open!

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