WE SET UP YOUR BOARD - Service Option


Choose this special service option and we put together your skateboard gear.



We can only put together the parts you order.

For a full complete skateboard you have to order all parts like 

- Deck

- Griptape

- Wheels

- Skateboard Hardware / Bolts

- Trucks

- Bearings

You don't have to buy a skate tool for that service option.


If there are some of these components missing we only assemble gear that is possible to assemble.

For example: You only order Wheels, Bearings & Trucks: Then we only put the bearings in the wheels and put them on the trucks.


Or if there is only hardware missing we will put together the trucks and grip the deck etc. If you don't order griptape we will NOT 

put the trucks onto your deck. 


Enjoy your board! :)


WE SET UP YOUR BOARD - Service Option

8,50 €

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