VMS Distribution Europe - Force Wheels Spring 2021 - new wheels - Force Wheels Warp 54mm conical, Linear 53mm, Glass 52mm

Finally! The new line of FORCE WHEELS just dropped and is NOW AVAILABLE!


The new release comes up with awesome new "dinosaur" pro wheels from John Hill, Jason Park, Jonny Giger, Doug Des Autels and Aaron Kyro. 

We also have three new team wheels including the 54mm WARP Conical, 53mm LINEAR and the 52mm GLASS graphics.


Head over to the FORCE WHEELS SECTION at the shop and grab a fresh set of wheels and keep rollin'!


Force Wheels VMS Distribution Europe - New Wheels now available! Spring 2021 Dinosaur pro models. John Hill, Jason Park, Jonny Giger, Doug Des Autels, Aaron Kyro - European Skateboard Distribution based in Germany.